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Dave & Buster’s Debuts VR Shooter Game System – VRScout Visiting a Dave & Buster’s today brings you smack in the middle of classic arcade games and new modern additions like Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja. In one California location, D&B is taking an even bigger leap into the future of restaurant arcade game experiences with the addition of its first wireless VR system by VRcade.




Blasting Zombies at a Virtual Reality Arcade | Re/code Zombies are especially scary when all you have to defend yourself is a plastic gun.



Dave & Buster’s Hosts Wireless VR System from VRcade, ‘Time Zombies’ and ‘Interstellar Marine’s Bullseye’ – Road to VR Dave & Buster’s Milpitas, CA location is now playing host to the restaurant arcade chain’s first wireless VR system, an optically tracked…


VRcade Launches Debut Public Experience – VRFocus VRFocus reports on the public debut of VRstudios’ VRcade system, now playable at Dave and Buster’s, Milpitas, California, for the first time.


Virtual reality gets real with Seattle startup’s technology Virtual reality gets real with Seattle startup’s technology


VRcade wants to revive high-end, location-based virtual reality | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi VRcade wants to build a virtual reality location that could cost $1 million.


VRcade Combines Motion Capture with VR Headsets: The Arcade is Dead, Long Live the Arcade! A new company called VRcade aims to revive the idea of a gaming arcade with the help of virtual reality. Whereas VR headsets like the Oculus Rift need to be wired to a computer to work, VRcade’s headset has a wireless transmitter. Why? Because VRcade isn’t just a headset, it’s an entire room.


On the move: VRCade combines free motion with head-mounted virtual reality | Ars Technica Motion tracking cameras let users walk virtual spaces untethered—for a price.


VRCade: The best thing in Seattle wasn’t at PAX. – NeoGAF VRCade: The best thing in Seattle wasn’t at PAX. Gaming Discussion


VRcade: A Look into the Future of the Virtual Reality Arcade VRcade could be the next step for VR, with full body & weapon tracking, large playing field. and realistic graphics


Arcade Heroes The VRCade Concept Looking To Fulfill the VR Promise – Arcade Heroes The VRcade in Seattle is looking to fulfill the promises of VR, which have remained out of reach for too long.


VRcade Sets Its Sights on the Next Leap in Immersive Gaming – GameSpot Using the Oculus Rift, VRcade’s engineers are designing what they believe will become the future of virtual entertainment.


VRcade?? – Oculus Hut