[REVIEW]: Zeemote JS1 Mobile Gaming Controller


Looking for a VR input device that is flexible enough to be any sort of prop in VR is very difficult. You need something that fits into anyone’s hands, establishes a solid wireless connection, and has a lot of functionality. The ZeemoteTM JS1 Mobile Gaming Controller has these things, although the size is very small. It’s tiny. Like, teeny-tiny.

It’s designed that way for a reason; you are meant to keep it in your pocket to play games on your mobile device. Since it is one handed, you can have a free hand to interact with your touch screen. We didn’t use it on a mobile device. Instead, we used it on a Windows 7 PC. You can download software which allows the remote to interface with the PC. It works very well, allowing for fast connections and easy button mapping.

In our use, the controller never lost connection, it never freaked out, and all of the button presses registered just as they should have. The remote works wonderfully.

The feel, however, is too small. The VRcade puts a lot of users through VR and people come in all different sizes. Giant hands just smother this controller. Still, that shouldn’t be a knock against its design. It is made to be small. It is still very usable at this small size, so if you are looking for a small functional controller, this will suit you very well. It is compatible with Android and Windows.


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