The VRcade: A Virtual Reality Platform for Serious Applications and Gaming

The VRcade allows industries and individuals access to a new, powerful, all-in-one system which delivers an interactive experience that is second to none. Unmatched VR is now available to everyone. VRcade develops the platform, standards, deployments, and software experiences which make the VRcade Gridspace a 3D human interface with limitless potential. Through a mix of off-the-shelf hardware and proprietary software, the VRcade makes use of professional grade equipment to deliver a high fidelity, low-latency experience in designated out-of-home spaces as small as 20′x20′ or up to as large as 150′x75′ (~11,000 square feet). Users are able to explore virtual environments with no wires, no controllers, and completely intuitive movements. The experience is fluid, seamless, and natural; there is no learning curve. Multiple users can experience the same simulation at the same time, or each user can experience their own simulation simultaneously in the same space, allowing for individual and shared experiences, both locally and over the network.


Full-Motion Virtual Reality Gaming

An entirely new platform for gaming, utilizing your entire body. Your body becomes the perfect controller and allows you to use your real-life athletic skills to compete in-game.

Exhibition & Entertainment

A whole new way to experience art, music and exhibit products. Imagine walking through a painting or contribute to a community art piece by simply swishing your hand in the air, or walking a customer through an amazing virtual adventure while seeing and experiencing your latest consumer device.


Extend Your Experiences

The VRcade Gridspace is designed to integrate with a number of game engines and applications, such as Unity, UDK, or Motion Builder along with a proven asset pipelines to get your visualizations into virtual reality from other tools and applications such as Solidworks, Maya, and Google SketchUp, expanding its potential to nearly infinite possibilities.

Expand Your Options

Stand alone VRcade Gridspaces are available for sale or lease for individual businesses as well, putting the potential and power of the VRcade Gridspace on-location. Franchise options will be available in the future, expanding the gaming and application network of VRcade Gridspaces and allowing more access to a wider range of users across the United States.

Stay on the Bleeding Edge

Because of the non-proprietary nature of most of the hardware that comprises a Gridspace, components can be easily upgraded and swapped out as technology grows. For instance, if a new VR headset comes out or newer, faster motion capture cameras are released, we can simply upgrade the hardware and software from the manufacturer and upgrade our own supporting software.  No longer is upgrading a painful, expensive experience.


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“It was fast, and it didn’t make me barf.”
“That was the moment I became VRCade’s latest slack-jawed convert.”
“The gun in your hands is a direct link to the virtual gun, and the 1:1 movement correlation is remarkably immersive. Once you remove what may be the most intrusive layer of abstraction in gaming–the controller–the potential for immersion skyrockets.”